Moving vehicles, like cars, frequently have tempered glass that is lightly glazed with a material to hold the glass together when it starts to crack. However, the glass in heavy construction equipment is different because of the potential for more and more frequent damage. If a window cracks and shatters on a crane or backhoe, you cannot call an auto glass repair shop for this type of repair. Here are three reasons why your typical auto glass technician cannot do on-site repair jobs for heavy construction equipment.

The Glazing Process Is Very Different

The glazing process for the windows on construction vehicles is very different than that of cars and passenger trucks. Durable polycarbonate material is the base of the glaze for these windows. It is so tough that you can smack glass coated with this stuff and have your hand bounce right off like the glass is made of rubber. Even if you could get an auto glass technician to cut and fit glass to the construction truck that needs it, you could not attempt a similar demonstration because the auto glass would not allow your hand to bounce off.

Auto Glass Specialists Do Not Carry Construction Truck Glass

Typically, auto glass specialists do not carry construction truck glass in their shops or their inventories. Unless they specialize in construction equipment glass (and very few do), there is no way the technicians from these shops could help you even if they wanted to. Instead, you need to contact the business that most frequently provides your repair services for your heavy construction trucks. They will have the glass panes you need to replace and they can replace the panes for you while performing other routine repairs and maintenance on your construction trucks.

Auto Glass Would Put Your Crew in Danger and Cause Liability Lawsuits

Another reason why auto glass is just not used in construction equipment is that it puts your crew at risk. If something were to smash through the windows of the cab of a front loader, for example, the auto glass would shatter in bits all over and slice your driver to ribbons. Then your crew member and/or his or her family could sue you for injuries on the job.

Finally, since there is too much risk involved with using auto glass in place of the proper glazed glass for construction trucks, the auto glass businesses will refuse to put it in. If something went wrong, they could be sued by you or by the injured party. Since they would not want to take that risk, the auto glass technicians will always refer you to a construction glass company instead. If you have a piece of heavy construction equipment that needs replacement windows, contact a business such as Calgary Crane and Rigging Crane services.