When you're building a home, you might be able to perform many of the tasks on your own if you're familiar with the home-building process. However, there are times at which it's necessary to hire a professional for something specialized such as installing the roof trusses or making other additions to the home's second level. It's beneficial to research some crane services in your community and then browse their websites to ensure that each business has the right crane for your job. You should then call each business and ask a handful of questions to help select the service that you'll hire. Here are three questions to get you started.

Are You Fully Insured?

It's imperative to be sure that the crane service you hire to visit your property is fully insured. When you ask this question, you shouldn't hesitate to follow up by asking for proof of a current insurance policy. It's important that the crane service is fully insured for multiple reasons -- the company's insurance will cover any damage to your property in the event of an unexpected problem during the job. Additionally, the insurance means that you won't be held liable if someone on the crane crew is injured during the job, which is a concern because of the danger of this type of work.

How Much Clearance Do You Need?

You'll benefit from determine the crane service's clearance needs before the equipment arrives at your job site. In this sense, clearance refers to the amount of space that the crane needs above it and around it to operate safely and effectively. Once you have these numbers, it's important to compare them to the available space on your site and, if necessary, make some adjustments. You might need to move some other equipment or even trim back some overhanging trees to ensure that the crane operator will be able to get the job done without being impeded by obstacles.

How Will You Protect My Yard?

If the job site is currently unfinished, you might not be overly concerned about the crane leaving divots or track marks in your yard. However, it's always useful to ask about the steps that the crane crew will take to minimize disruption to your yard. For example, a crew might lay down heavy beams of wood to prevent the crane from sinking into soft dirt or grass. Getting a satisfactory answer to this question shows the crane service's degree of conscientiousness, which can help you make your decision about which service to hire. For more information, talk to a professional like Simon Crane Rental.