If you are planning to relocate your factory, you may wonder how you will handle moving your plant's equipment. If so, make this huge task a little easier by following the three tips below when preparing your industrial equipment for relocation.

Inspect The Condition Of Each Piece Of Equipment

Before you move anything, inspect the condition of each piece of equipment in your plant. When looking over the machinery, look for any signs of extreme rust, deterioration, or cracked casings.

If any piece of equipment is severely damaged, you may want to consider leaving it behind and replacing it with a new one. While this may seem expensive, if something breaks while it is being transported, it could cost you more money. If a hydraulic shaft falls off, it could hit a nearby machine or seriously injure one of your workers while moving it.

Measure The Machinery And The New Spaces

Once you have decided on which machinery will be moved, make sure you have enough space at the new plant for everything you want to take. This can be done by measuring both the equipment and the square footage of the factory to which the machines will be going.

When measuring each piece of equipment, do not just measure the base. You also need to allow for any part, wires, or vents that are sticking out from around the machine. Also, measure the height to ensure you have enough ceiling space so that it does not scrape the top of the equipment.

Preplan Where The Equipment Will Go

After you have measured the equipment and have the measurements of the new plant, preplan where everything will go. Knowing exactly where each machine will be moved can save you and your workers a lot of time and frustration from having to move it again because it did not fit.

Using either the blueprints for the new factory or a sketch drawn accurately to scale, draw and plan how the machines will come together. Use a pencil so you can easily make changes. You could also cut out to-scale representations of the equipment and experiment with their placement.

Using the tips above can help streamline moving your factory's equipment to your plant's new location. If you have more questions or decide you need help with the entire process, you may want to contact a plant relocation service to seek guidance and discuss the possibility of having them take charge of your factory's massive move.