If you are considering extending your business and you want to put another building on your property, there are a lot of different things that you'll have to do. You can't just call a small building construction company, or a company that specializes in installing pole barns or shops, and you have to go through a process. You want to meet with some building professionals, and get in contact with the right experts to do the following things to get your extension started.

Find Out what is Possible for the Property

You want to find out how large you can make the building based on the laws and regulations with the size of the property. The building may have to be so far from the property line, or can only be so big because of the ground that is already covered on the property. You have to find out what the city or township will let you build, and then you can determine what you want the building to like.

Get Layouts and Permits Approved

Have a couple of builders create layouts and designs for you to look at. You can choose the option that you want, and then you have to wait for the designs to get approved by the city, and then you will be issued the proper permits for the company to get started building. The permits have to be displayed somewhere that the inspectors can easily see them at all times throughout construction.

Talk with Utility Installation Service Providers

Next you will need to have the utility installation professionals come to your property to see how they can get you utilities to the building. This includes:

  • Plumbing
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Internet and cable

All of these different things are a necessity for your building, so make sure that you get estimates for each utility, and that you find out if the layout of your building is conducive with the utilities that are being brought in.

There are a lot of things that go into the building process, and it's important to get everything approved by the city and the utility companies before you start the building process, and before you buy any materials for the layout you have picked out. If you are ready to start expanding your business and you need another commercial space on the property you already own, take these steps to get started. You can also call companies like Bogner  Construction Co  for more help.