When it comes to hauling material around, flatbeds are the backbone of the trucking industry. Flatbeds can be used for both local and long-distance transportation. Flatbeds work really well with carrying loads that have an unusual shape to them.

Equipment Hauling

One of the most common uses of flatbeds is for the hauling of equipment. Most construction and farming equipment is designed for a highly specific job, which doesn't include being driven on a regular road. A tractor could take hours to make a drive that could be done in an hour in a vehicle.

When it comes to transporting farming and construction equipment from the buyer to the new owner or just from one worksite to another, flatbeds are often used. Flatbeds are able to accommodate all sorts of different sizes of equipment and can be used for both short- and long-distance equipment hauling.

Scrap Metal Pick-Up

Another service offered by flatbed trucking companies is the removal and hauling of scrap metal. When working on a job site, it is common for a lot of scrap metal to accumulate. Some construction companies will then call in a flatbed trucking service to transport all the scrap metal to the nearest recycling facility. Many industrial and manufacturing businesses also employ flatbed trucking services to regularly come, pick-up, and haul away scrap metal from their job site.

Moving Building Material

A third service that flatbed trucking companies offer is the ability to move building material. There is a lot of building material that doesn't easily fit in the back of a regular pickup truck. For example, things such as steel beams, rods, bricks, and concrete cannot be easily moved around with a regular pickup truck.

A flatbed trucking company can pick up your building materials at the store and bring them to the job site. It is common in these situations for a crane to be used to more easily load and unload all the building material. A flatbed can be used for extra-long equipment that extends past the edge of the flatbed as well.

Flatbed trucking companies can help with hauling a wide variety of materials. They can move construction and farming equipment, pick up scrap metal, and assist with the delivery of bulk building supplies. If you have something large you need to be moved, contact your local flatbed trucking company for assistance. They can help you with both short- and long-distance moving needs.