When you rent a crane to help get work done at your job site, you need to make sure you are aware of the hazards that can occur when using a crane. All these hazards can be avoided if you know what they are and how to take action to keep things safe.

Hazard #1: Overweight Loads

One of the most common hazards is a crane where the capacity of the crane has been exceeded. Each type of crane is designed to carry a specific load; exceeding this load can cause a crane accident. Overloading a crane can cause the crane to not operate effectively and can cause the crane to trip or the load to drop.

This type of hazard is easy to avoid. Make sure whomever is operating the crane knows the load limit of the crane, as well as anyone else involved with the crane's operation.

Part of the problem with overweight loads is not knowing the weights of the loads you need to be moved. You need to have someone on site whose job is to figure out the weight of each load before it is attached to the crane.

Hazard #2: Falling Materials

Another common crane hazard is material falling. Material can easily fall because off your crane. Materials can fall for a wide variety of reasons. Material may fall because the load was not properly secured before it was moved or because the movements of the materials were not orchestrated correctly.

This can be avoided by carefully preparing each load and determining the path the load will take before moving the load. Using an operator who is well trained and having a spotter on the ground to help guide the load can help prevent this hazard as well.

Hazard #3: Not Enough Inspections

Finally, many people fail to take proper care of their crane. Even if you are just renting a crane, you are still responsible to inspecting the crane every day and making sure it is safe to operate. If anything is wrong with the crane, it needs to be fixed and addressed before using it.

When renting a crane for a job site, you can easily avoid issues such as overloading the crane and falling material by making sure everyone is well-educated on how to use the crane, and by working together as a team when moving loads with the crane.

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