Dealing with a pandemic means keeping our children and teachers safe when they enter their classrooms. An effective way to protect everyone safe is to invest in plastic desk shields for each student and teacher to utilize throughout your school district. Here are three things to look for when choosing plastic desk shields to invest in:

Easy Installation Steps

The plastic desk shields for your school district should be easy to install so teaches can quickly and efficiently detach and attach them when necessary. If a classroom needs to be rearranged, it would be easier to do if the desks could be moved without big shields attached to them. Shields may need to be moved from one desk to another for some reason, in which case it shouldn't take more than just a couple minutes to do.

Shields should be removed for deep cleaning regularly too, and if they aren't easy to remove or install, the process could be very time consuming and expensive. Your new desk shields should securely clamp onto the desks with the help of a simple screwdriver. Better yet, the shields should come with sturdy stands that sit on the desks directly and hold the shields in place. The stands and shields can simply be picked up and removed when necessary.

A Scratch and Stain Resistant Coating

Kids can be messy and destructive, so it's a good idea to look for desk shields that are scratch and stain-resistant. Plastic can easily scratch, and things like paint can be tough to get off the material. Scratches and paint stains can make it tough to see through the shields, which would negatively impact the learning experience overall.

However, if the plastic shields feature a scratch and stain-resistant coating, you should find that they are easy to clean and that they undergo less wear and tear as time goes on. The coating won't resist all wear and tear though, so clear rules should be put into place about how students care for the shields they are using while spending time in the classroom.

A Sturdy Non-Flexible Build

Accidents happen, so you can expect kids to bump into the desk shields as they move about their classrooms. They may also lean against them or push into them while settling into their desks or getting up for a break. Therefore, stay away from flimsy shields that flex when pressure is put on them because chances are that they will crack and break down quickly once the kids get around them. Your new shields should be at least ¼" thick so they don't bend or sway when pressure it put on them.