If you use heavy machinery in your company, you need your equipment to move quickly and safely throughout each job. But if your equipment is noisy and slow-moving, check your machines' hydraulic systems for problems soon. Learn more about your noisy, slow-moving hydraulic machines and how to repair them below.

Why Are Your Machines So Slow?

You may expect your machines to move from one job to the next without any problems. But if some of your machines move too slowly or sound too loudly, you want to know why. Your machines could have something wrong with their hydraulic pumps.

A hydraulic pump pushes fluid throughout the hydraulic systems in your machines. The pump must work quickly in order to keep your machines in good working order. However, certain things can slow down the pump's actions, including water. 

Hydraulic systems generally use oil or another fluid to work properly. The fluid lubricates the pump so that it doesn't wear down quickly. But if water enters the system or mixes with the fluid traveling through it, the hydraulic pump will overheat and cause your machines to become noisy and slow-moving. 

Your machines can stop moving when you need them the most. If you need to stay on track with your jobs, get the hydraulic repair you need today.

What Can You Do About Your Machines?

You want to have a reliable machine shop inspect and repair your hydraulic systems for you. A machine shop can test the fluid inside your machines for impurities, water, and other substances. If a shop finds water or impurities in your hydraulic fluid, they'll check the hydraulic pumps for issues. 

A shop may perform tests on your machines' pumps. The test allows shop technicians to detect air and contaminants hidden deep inside the cavities of your hydraulic system. The trapped air can change the pressure inside the system and keep it from performing well. The pump will eventually give out or fail.

A hydraulic pump can also cause issues for your equipment if it runs dry and overheats. A shop can check the oil levels inside each of your machines for you.

If the air test doesn't reveal a problem with the hydraulic pump, a shop will test other parts in your machines for issues. The motor, gear pump, and other mechanisms may require immediate repairs.

Learn more about your noisy, slow-moving hydraulic machines by contacting a machine shop for services today.