If you've upgraded or replaced some of your old construction machines or equipment, then you might have decided to sell the items that you no longer need. The money you get here will go towards the costs of your new equipment.

Before you sell equipment, you can increase its value and sell it faster if you take the following steps.

Clean Your Equipment

While buyers know that used equipment might not be in great cosmetic shape, they still prefer to buy items that look to be in a good condition. If your equipment is dirty, then it won't look as attractive to buyers. You might not get its true value if someone has to clean the equipment before they use it or sell it.

So, it's worth cleaning any pieces you want to sell. As well as making the equipment look better, this also helps buyers see the true condition of each piece.

Make Minor Repairs

While you don't have to repair used equipment before you sell it, this can sometimes make sense. For example, if a piece of equipment needs a minor repair that will only cost a few dollars, then you should consider making the repair before you sell.

If a buyer knows that equipment needs to be repaired before they buy it, then their value estimate will be lower. If you fix the problem, then you could make more money on the sale.

Gather Information

You'll find it easier to sell used equipment if you can provide technical and operating documentation to the buyer. This documentation gives them a lot of useful information.

So, collect together any documents you have on each piece of equipment. These can include manuals, specifications, and data sheets. Operating hours data is also useful. People can also learn a lot about a used machine from its maintenance and service history so make sure to include these documents in the package.  

Take Pictures of the Equipment

Buyers won't necessarily be able to come to see your equipment before they buy it, especially if you sell to an online commercial buyer. It helps to take pictures of each piece from all angles before you try to sell it so that people can see how it looks.

Videos are also really useful selling tools. If you can show buyers that the equipment works as it should, then the sale becomes more feasible.

To find out more, contact used equipment buyers and ask for their advice.